Want to help, but unsure how? Don’t know who to trust? Below are a handful of nonprofits and charitable foundations with a history of success and transparent reporting. We encourage you to use your judgement and donate where you feel you can make the most difference.

Some organizations use IBAN donations. Click here to find out how to transfer to these organizations from the US and Canada.

Medical & Humanitarian Aid

Razom is an organization which moves to unlock Ukraine’s potential and build toward a more prosperous, democratic nation. Their current emergency response is focused on purchasing medical supplies for critical situations like blood loss as well as other tactical medicine items.
UCCA is a national umbrella organization uniting over 20 national Ukrainian American organizations in advocating for over 1M Americans of Ukrainian descent. They are working with organizations on the ground to provide medical supplies and other humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
The CUF/UCC Humanitarian Appeal has already delivered multiple tranches of aid to affected populations in all corners of Ukraine, including some of the hardest hit cities in the north, east and south of the country. Our support also extends to affected families who have made their way across the border into neighbouring countries such as Romania and Moldova, as well as providing food for internally displaced families from across Ukraine who find themselves in Lviv and surrounding areas.
Polish-German initiative powered by the Ernst Prost Fundation. Medicines and other essential humanitarian products will be delivered to regions that need it the most, in cooperation with our partners: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ROZETKA, Fozzy Group, TIS, Dragon Capital, Spunbond fund, Ukrposhta.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

  • (Donate) – Ukraine’s official website for sending humanitarian aid.
  • United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (Donate) – provide vital medical supplies to victims, care for the injured and refugees, as well as shelter and food to those affected.
  • UNWLA (Donate) – The Ukrainian national women’s league of America has been a champion for Ukrainian identity for almost 100 years. Focusing on humanitarian aid, culture and education, we continue to support Ukraine with our humanitarian aid.
  • HealthRight (Donate) – teams on the ground are working to provide essential health services and supplies to families, clinics, shelters, and first responders who are helping displaced families during the war within Ukraine. Recipient of a USAID grant to implement the MAMA+ intervention for HIV prevention in Ukraine.
  • Nova Ukraine (Donate) – Money from donations is allocated daily to frontline volunteers helping provide emergency resources to both refugees and citizens who have remained in the war zone in Ukraine
  • Sunflower of Peace (Donate) – for medical assistance and other necessities. Each IFAK (medical backpack) can save up to 10 lives.
  • Lifeline Ukraine (Donate) – for psychosocial support. Ukraine’s first suicide prevention hotline mobilized in response to alarming rates of veteran suicide.
  • International Rescue Committee (Donate) – the IRC is in Poland supporting displaced children and families from Ukraine with vital supplies. (Note that IRC donations go toward all of their efforts, not just the Ukrainian ones).
  • Sister of Mercy (Donate) – Kharkiv-based organization provides material and moral support to all victims in the anti-terrorist operation zone.
  • Hospitallers (Donate)- a volunteer paramedic organisation, collecting money to purchase critical paramedic equipment and medicine locally and distribute on the ground in Ukraine.
  • (Donate) – local organization collecting money to provide Ukrainian blood centers with consumables for blood collection.
  • Everybody Can (Donate) – Supports children with disabilities, the elderly, and hospitals in general in Ukraine
  • UA Hospitals (Donate) – Provides hospitals in Ukraine with desperately needed supplies and equipment
  • Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund (Donate) – Providing shelter, food, clean water, health and psychosocial support, and access to education and economic assistance for refugees

Mothers, Children, & The Elderly

Founded in 1993, Help Us Help is a federally registered Canadian charitable organization, focused on humanitarian aid and educational projects in Ukraine and in Canada. Donations will be used to fund evacuation and relocation of staff and beneficiaries (children, scholars and veteran families), humanitarian aid delivery, and medical assistance for victims.
Save the children works in over 100 countries to support children to transform their lives. Donations are being used to distribute essential humanitarian aid to children and their families; deliver winter and hygiene kits; provide cash grants to families so they can meet basic needs like food, rent and medicines; provide access to safe, inclusive, quality education; work to help children overcome the mental and psychological impacts of conflict.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

  • HelpAge (Donate) – provides help to the elderly affected by the crisis in Ukraine and elsewhere
  • Voices of Children (Donate) – psychological/psychosocial support for children affected by the war.
  • Saint Javelin (Donate, Store) – all proceeds of shirt and sticker sales go to a fund for the children of fallen and wounded Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Razom: Toy Drive for the Children of Fallen Heroes – provides assistance for displaced people, orphans, and families of Ukrainian military who died or were hurt in action. Volunteers in Ukraine learn about needs on the ground and pass information on to us.
  • Mama Moya (Donate) – provides direct financial assistance to vulnerable mothers in conflict and disaster zones

Veterans and internally displaced persons

A collection of charitable contributions for the purchase of humanitarian aid to Kyiv residents, organized by the Kyiv Municipal Government.
Revived Soldiers Ukraine is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine in support of their fundamental human rights and medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers. They are raising funds for provision of medical aid and sustainable living standards to wounded soldiers and members of their families.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

  • People in Need: SOS Ukraine (Donate) – local charity building facilities for Ukrainian refugees, providing food, hygiene supplies, and psychosocial assistance, mainly on the border with Slovakia. Projects include a daily humanitarian “train bridge” connecting Prague and Ukraine.
  • UN Crisis Relief: Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund (Donate) – contributions are collected into a single, un-earmarked fund and managed locally under UN leadership. As crises evolve, funds are made directly and immediately available to a wide range of partner organizations at the front lines of response. This way, funding reaches the people most in need when they need it.
  • Ukrainian People With Disabilities in Crisis (Donate) – helps Ukrainians with disabilities – especially those who want but cannot evacuate – protect themselves in case of emergency. 
  • Caritas Ukraine (Donate) – provision of humanitarian assistance to various social groups and those impacted by the conflict.
  • British-Ukrainian Aid (Donate) – assistance to vulnerable individuals who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged, including the injured and wounded, orphaned children, the elderly, internally displaced persons and families who have lost their main earners.
  • Ukraine Crisis Appeal (Donate) – the largest Australian tax-deductible fundraising effort for Ukraine. A collaboration between the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO), Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) and Caritas Ukraine.
  • Embassy of Ukraine in the UK (Donate) – a special fund to provide humanitarian assistance to the victims of Russian war against Ukraine.
  • World Central Kitchen: (Donate) – serving hot, nourishing meals to refugees crossing into Poland, Romania, Moldova, and other locations supporting Ukrainian refugees. WCK is also partnering with restaurants inside of Ukraine to get hot meals to anyone in need.

Independent media

An independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, which has been working in the public sector since 1995 and implementing projects aimed at boosting positive impact of media on establishment of the civil society in Ukraine. They are currently buying helmets, blankets, thermoses, and first aid kits for journalists, helping their evacuated families, sewing PRESS badges, and organizing transportation. Their journalists continue to work and document the situation.
Media across the country continue to operate under the most challenging circumstances. They have shown extraordinary courage, but the reality on the ground is that most operations cannot continue from Ukraine alone. This fundraiser is aimed at helping media relocate, set-up back offices and continue their operations from neighboring countries.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

Religious and Ethnic Minority Aid

The JDC provides a lifeline for an estimated 40,000 Jewish elderly and 2,500 poor Jewish children and their families through its network of care services, Jewish community programs, and Jewish leaders in more than 1,000 locations across Ukraine.
Helps provide Roma Ukrainians access organizations giving out humanitarian aid, reach the border, and purchase basic groceries.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

LGBTQIA+ & Feminist Aid

Insight is a Ukrainian human rights public organization which brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. They are collecting donations to provide & support LGBTQI people in Ukraine with covering basic needs in protection, safety, and health.
NGO which promotes full respect for human rights for LGBT+ people in Ukraine. Currently helping with food and relocation for LGBTQIA+ people in Ukraine.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

Defense Aid

The Ukrainian World Congress, with over 55 years of experience working with Ukrainians around the globe, is in a unique position to quickly and efficiently provide help to Ukraine’s defenders. Your donation to the Unite with Ukraine campaign will help coordinate global aid efforts and support the procurement and delivery of an evolving range of needs, including: medical supplies (such as individual first aid kits), fuel, night-vision goggles, protective equipment (such as helmets and vests), & vital communication systems
Since its birth in 2014, Come Back Alive has become the largest foundation providing support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
This is Ukraine’s official website for the war effort. Contributions go directly toward Ukraine’s defense.


UAL is an educational program that aims to develop a generation of young leaders for Ukraine and the world. Over the course of a gap year, young adults learn to work in a team, set goals, develop projects, take responsibility for their lives and the country’s fate, and choose their future profession more consciously.
Invest in the lives of young and talented future leaders of Ukraine and the diaspora.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

Shopping – Profits Donated

All proceeds go to Help Us Help, a registered charity in Canada that provides humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in Ukraine.

Organizations we have vetted so far are highlighted in yellow:

Physical Donations

  • Poland: Volunteer Warehouse Centre – list of medical supplied needed as provided by the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces and from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.
  • US & Canada: Meest USA (Details); Meest Canada (Details) – Ship humanitarian aid for a reduced price and Meest will disperse as appropriate. Bring to any Meest location (US or Canada) or call Meest to find an agent near you. Alternative Toronto drop off: St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Oakville, Ontario.
  • UK, England: Ukrainian Institute London (Website) – Humanitarian Donations, Defence Donations, Volunteering, and More
  • UK, England: Donation Drive for Ukraine (Facebook) – group to coordinate donation drives in the UK. Currently based in Oxford and London. If you would like to set up a donation drive please do share information about where and when. The donations will be handed over to NGOs or driven personally to neighbouring countries of Ukraine.
  • UK, Scotland: Scottish Donation Drive (Instagram) – Please drop your donations off at one of our branches in Paisley, Coatbridge, Kilmarnock or Glasgow.

Country-Specific Organizations