• Respond Crisis Translation – If you have Ukrainian, Russian, or other language skills that could be of use to people fleeing the invasion and its attendant political crises in the coming weeks, please fill out the form to volunteer
  • Translators for Ukraine – Sign up as a volunteer translator
  • Tech for Ukraine – Non-profit organizations need tech support to maximize impact in the light of the ongoing war. Help them design digital solutions that matter.


  • Ukrainian Volunteer Service (Linktree, Instagram) –  a sizable volunteer list with resources and contact details for initiatives within Ukraine. 
  • Гуманітарна допомога Киянам – Офіційна онлайн-платформа гуманітарного штабу Києва для забезпечення їжею, медикаментами та найнеобхіднішим для усіх, хто цього потребує.


  • World Central Kitchen – serving hot, nourishing meals to refugees crossing into Poland, Romania, Moldova, and other locations supporting Ukrainian refugees.



  • Donation Drive for Ukraine (Facebook) – group to coordinate donation drives in the UK. Currently based in Oxford and London. If you would like to set up a donation drive please do share information about where and when. The donations will be handed over to NGOs or driven personally to neighbouring countries of Ukraine.


  • Donation Drive in Edinburgh (Facebook) – Polish Red Cross collection of material donations #napomocUkrainie. Sprintertrans will transport all donations from Edinburgh free of charge to the Polish Red Cross branch in Lublin, Poland and then to Ukraine. Collection Point: 11 Granton Square, EH5 1HX in Edinburgh and will last several days.